A) In School (Code of conduct)
  • You should respect every teacher.
  • You should look upon your schoolmates as your brothers and sisters.
  • You should do your homework every day.
  • You should always be in a proper uniform.
  • You should be punctual and sincere.
  • You should participate in all curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • You should not make fun of those students who are weak in studies.
B) Always (In school and outside)
  • Always behave very politely to everyone (Behave with others in a manner in which you would like them to be behave with you).
  • Don’t waste your Time (Time will never come back).
  • Keep away from bad company (Bad Company will poison your language, behaviour and career).
  • You should always speak well to your school teachers.
  • You should worship your school and uphold its dignity and honour.
  • Worship your parents (Since God could not be present everywhere, he created parents).
  • Try to use the terms “Thank You” , “Excuse Me” , “ Pardon Me”, “Sorry” as much as possible in your daily routine of conversation.